Meet the New Indie Shooter: Creed Arena

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The start of 2010 unveils new shooters that you should definitely check out. For starters, let’s see what Creed Arena has in store for all players out there.

Safari Studios released their Xbox Indie Arcade named Creed Arena. The game is filled with 16 arenas and unique game feature that involve winning over the fight crowds.

Play your way in arena battles set in gladiatorial fashion. You have various ways to play the game either solo, split-screen co-op, online multiplayer and even split-screen online multiplayer. Multiplayer feature is not always available for Xbox Indie titles.

Try out the demo and try out the Live Multiplayer game mode if you’re impressed enough to buy the game.

Snag this baby for 400 Microsoft point.

Read the full press release below.

Sydney, Australia – January 03, 2010 – Indie developer Safari Studios has just released Creed Arena onto XBOX Live Indie Games, a dazzling new shooter with some unique game mechanics.

In just 3 days of sales, Creed Arena has already surpassed many other games on the channel. XBOX shooter fans from around the world are hailing Creed Arena as the best indie shooter around.

Fetatures include:

• 16 unique arenas, each with a different challenge

• Solo Championship – become the most popular gladiator in the tournament

• Splitscreen Co-op – play through the game with a friend

• Online Multiplayer – try to get to the top of the global popularity chart

• Splitscreen Online Multiplayer – 2 people can play online together

About Creed Arena

Fight other gladiators infront of thousands of spectators. Become the most popular fighter in the tournament. Win enough fans to unleash your “crowd rage”, an intense rampage that makes you bigger, faster and more powerful. Unique weapons, 16 arenas, and intense action in solo, co-op and online muliplayer.

About Safari Studios

Safari Studios is a two man indie development team based in Sydney, Australia. Matthew and Laurence Rietdijk have been developing XBOX games for 2 years now, and one a top 20 position in Microsoft’s most recent Dream Build Play competition.

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